>Who cares?  At the time, Red China didn't have any power.  They couldn't

>have fought us without losing gazillions of people.  They were fighting 
>with clubs and pitchforks

Actually, the Chinese are not much of a world force even today in my
opinion. Not to offend anyone but their technology is flawed and I'll
tell you right now that they cannot even design a proper light bulb! I've
personally torn down Chinese made light bulbs and have compared them to
American made products. The Chinese don't know how to string a filament
on a par/reflector lamp let alone how far the filament should be from the
reflector disk which should be shiny and not brushed. There electrical
products are inferior and often don't even work on the first try or soon
thereafter. I doubt very much that Chinese made nuclear weapons would hit
their targets let alone make a successful launch. No need to fear the

Paul O

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