Gary Smith wrote:

> What, no back bacon????
> And how about giving our poor Ketchikaner a took, so he can bear those
> cold Canadian winters and Marc's liberal kindness?

Who took John's toque? They should give it back. I have a siwash I can lend him.
It's bright red with snowflake patterns, so he won't get lost in the snow.

> John, if you schedule it now, you can get scheduled to get an MRI
> scheduled in Canada when you pass through Lethbridge.... of course you'd
> have to return 6 months later for the actual MRI...     ;-)

Yeah, we're so close to the North Magnetic Pole it takes a mathematician to figure
out the results.

Seriously -- did you guys hear about a case back east somewhere, New York state,
iirc, where a tech had inadvertently left an oxygen cylinder in the room, and when
the MRI was turned on, it got sucked right into the core, killing the poor patient
(a young boy) instantly.

I didn't think I could have an MRI because my sternum (breastbone) looks like the
inside of a Canadian Tire store (or Home Depot or whatever your hardware chains
are called) -- it's all wired together with titanium wire. Plus the sleeve of my
heart valve is made out of silver, and the valve posts are also titanium. The rest
is kevlar and dacron, of all things.  But anyway, lotsa metal. But I've had about
3 or 4 MRI's now (including something I'd never heard of, called an MRA, where
they just look at arteries in the brain), and they said it's not a problem. With
today's MRI's apparently you can tone the Gaussian fields down to the point where
it won't rip a poor guy's chest apart, and they just keep you in longer, and the
math does the rest, in combining the images through interference patterns to build
up a proper image. Kewl!

I watched Siemens techs install an MRI in Dos Hermanos hospital in downtown Havana
once, and it was incredible the huge coils that they were putting in -- in a back
room the patient never sees. As I recall, they act as giant capacitors to allow
this almighty surge of electricity to go through the metal loop of the MRI when
it's turned on. The cables were the size of my arms.

> K'aya K'ama,
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> Mark Gregson: Let me know if you do decide to pass through.  I'd be
> delighted to meet you.  It'll be a little late for barbequed beef but we
> can roast some Alberta prime in the oven.
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