> I wish I could, Stephen.  But there isn't any coastal route from
> the Seattle area to Prince Rupert.

Nonsense! There's always a route. Oh, do you mean a route you can drive 
your car through? Never mind.

> You mean you can't get in any of the building because they laid
> you off?  Shame on them.

I left Microsoft a little over a year ago and have been working as a 
"contingent staffer", basically a contract player. I can't work for more 
than a year at a time without taking a "mandatory break in service" of 
100 days. So that's what I'm doing now.

> Now that you are no longer working for Microsoft, do you still
> have the tenacious loyalty to them that you used to feel?

I don't know how much personal loyalty I ever felt toward Microsoft -- 
some, I suppose. I feel none now, nor have I in well over a year, at 
least. Microsoft is a corporation and will do what it thinks it needs to 
do to keep its corporate interests satisfied. If keeping me happy helps 
them, they'll keep me happy. Otherwise, they won't. That is the nature 
of business in America.

I enjoy working at Microsoft. It's a stimulating and rewarding work 
environment. They hire gobs of very smart, very competent people. I 
always feel stretched working there. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't 
consider working elsewhere, with non-MS technology. I would and I am.

> How is the job hunt going?

Far more slowly than I had anticipated, to tell the truth. The job 
market in the Seattle area is so slow, I'm starting to look elsewhere. 
Thanks for asking.


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