Thanks for the encouraging word, but you'd be surprised. After my last fall, on
Sunday evening, I thought I had landed up against the wall. I was actually on the
floor. It was totally dark and I hadn't a clue where I was. Someone had broken one
of our cardinal rules here, which is never leave the basement door open, and I had
been working in my study early one evening, and was the only one down on that
level. I had forgotten that it starts getting dark early here these days, so when
I shut off my study light, I couldn't see much. I had to cross through a corner of
our family room in front of the basement door to reach the stairs up to the
kitchen. I decided to turn around and turn on a light, as all I could see were the
external windows that line our family room wall opposite me. Suddenly those
windows "up-ended" and that's the only reason I knew I was falling. I thought, "oh
well, no problem, the basement door's only a metre away and the worst that could
happen is a bruised shoulder and maybe a dent in the door." But as it was open, I
cartwheeled down the stairs, putting my head through the gyprock wall across from
the bottom of the stairs (it was that wall that I thought I was propped against).

Oh well, the day wasn't a loss: My wife and I had earlier visited another ward
where our daughter and son-in-law and grand-daughter (and my old boss and his
family) live, to watch Shea, who will be 4 in a little less than a month, give her
first sacrament talk (coached by her Mom). She was gorgeous, with her hair curled
and her finest dress on -- just like a little doll. And goshdarnit, I don't have a
prejudiced bone in my body..... [yeah, right] :-)

"Elmer L. Fairbank" wrote:

> At 12:17 11/12/2002 -0700, M Marc wrote:
> >  another
> >aspect of this is that I lose my sense of where I am in space if I don't
> >have enough visual or tactile clues, and don't know up from down. Often I
> >don't realize I've even fallen until I feel the pain from the blow).
> Ah, my friend, come grovel in the mud with Till.  Can't fall far from THAT
> perch!
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