>  I'll leave Wednesday morning however early I need to.  But 
> if I leave Cardston before noon on Thursday, I ought to be able to get to 
> Edmonton about 6:00 PM or even earlier don't you think?

Sure, so long as the weather cooperates.  It's dual lane divided highway all the way 
except for a small stretch out of Cardston.  Also, dual line divided for about half 
the way between Edmonton and Prince George (Edmonton to Hinton).  However, we have had 
snow for several days running now so you never can tell.  It will probably be better 
if it's colder than now because then the roads will clear off instead of being 

If you don't need to go into Edmonton itself, take the bypass: Hwy #19 just north of 
the airport, then past Devon up to Hwy 16 (or 16A if you are going to Marc's).

> Edmonton.  If we could spend a night with you, that would be great.  

Sure, but wouldn't you rather stay at Marc's?  The conversation would be much, uhh, 
livelier :-)  Plus, he has a bigger library than me (but I'll bet I have more of the 
kind of books you like.)

It's almost too bad that you aren't coming through in mid December (well, except for 
the roads) because then we could go see "The Two Towers" at Silver City.  My calendar 
is marked.

> road.  Is the road from Edmonton to Prince George as good as the road from 
> Prince George to Prince Rupert?

I haven't driven to Prince George, let alone Prince Rupert but I suspect that the road 
is pretty much the same on either stretch i.e. all weather paved with full services.  
The Edmonton-Prince George leg is probably better in foul weather because it is likely 
more travelled.
> up here in the north country.  The air is clean, and that is important to 
> me, not so much because it is healthier to breathe, but because it doesn't 
> muck up my view of the mountains.

That is, if the rain ever stops long enough to actually see the mountains.

Maybe you should get the VERILUX® HappyEyes? Floor Lamp:


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