JWR's assessment of the WoW is exactly how I think. It's too bad we live
so far away from each other or we could sit down and celebrate our
agreement with a Coke!


Paul O

On Mon, 18 Nov 2002 08:15:05 +0000 "John W. Redelfs"
> Because the WoW is not so much a health law as it is a spiritual 
> law.  
> It is one of the ways that the Church uses to determine which 
> members 
> are serious about the restored gospel and which are not.  That is 
> why it 
> is one of the temple recommend questions.  But temple recommend 
> interview is not asking us about caffeine, meat, eating sparingly, 
> drinking mild barley drinks, etc.  It is specifically asing us about 
> tea, coffee, alcohol, and tobacco.  Beyond that there are a lot of 
> things we can  do to improve our health.  It is just not that part 
> of 
> the WoW that the Lord is currently using to deterine temple 
> worthiness.
> Maybe the Lord should include regular aerobic execise, or avoiding 
> too 
> much salt, or cutting down on our cholesterol, etc.  He could have 
> included these things in the WoW if he had wanted to. But he didn't. 
> I think it is wrong for me to drinks Cokes, but not because it is a 
> WoW 
> violation.  I don't think it is.  The reason I think it is a sin for 
> me 
> to drink Cokes is because I become addicted to them and lose control 
> over how many of them I drink.  But every person is different.  A 
> lot of 
> people can drink Cokes without becoming addicted.
> So, caffeine is a bad idea for those who have a weakness for it.  
> But it 
> is not mentioned in the Word of Wisdom and is not part of it any 
> more 
> than avoiding fatty foods or using too much white sugar.
> Besides, several places in the New Testament the Savior teachines 
> that 
> true religion is not a matter of meat and drink but charity, loving 
> our 
> neighbor, administering to the needs of widows and orphans, etc. If 
> we 
> get hung up on WoW, we are going to overlook the more important 
> parts of 
> the gospel.
> Or at least that is the way it seems to me today.
> Your friend and brother,
> John W. Redelfs, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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