--- From: "Stacy Smith" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> ---
>> I sometimes feel that I have too many regrets about past misdeeds to be
>> able to enter the celestial kingdom even when I have repented of them.

--- Jon Spencer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: ---
>Satan apparently has done a job on you.  Don't you believe Christ?  He said
>that if you have repented, He has forgotten your sins.  What a waste for Him
>to forget them and for you not to?  Otherwise, why did He go through the
>Atonement for you (and me)?
>Jut a kindly and humbly administered slap to shake you out of it!

I want to agree with you totally, but I can relate to what Stacy is
speaking of.  For while I try not to think about sin, every so often
I trip upon it--sometimes in much the same way that someone might
step on a land mine.  Having a sin that's forgiven doesn't mean
I am always able to forget it, even if I wanted to.  And if I 
remember something that I have done, it sometimes feels like the 
sin has happened all over again even when sincere repentance has 
taken place.

Moreover, I think of passages like D&C 82:7, which states "...unto 
the soul that sinneth shall the former sins return, saith the Lord
your God."  How would I reconcile this verse with the doctrine
of the Atonement?  Everyone struggles with something, and 
occasionally I then ask myself, will my record really be clear on
account of the things I struggle with?  If I am not perfect in
something, would not the record reflect my former sins returning
with respect to my areas of imperfection?  I mean, I try not to
believe that, but those are the thoughts I have to contend with,
even more often than I would like.  

All the best,

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