Stephen Beecroft wrote:
You don't think she qualifies as "one actively engaged in conducting the 
business of a government"? You don't think she is "a person engaged in 
party politics as a profession"? I think she very clearly qualifies 
under at least those two definitions.

Yes, another tautology.

Clearly she would considered a politician if she was involved in US 
politics.  It would be laughable to argue that Ari Fleisher is not a 

But admittedly, everything in Canada is strange and wonderful, 
unknowable by any but the most intrepid scientist, and with their 
primitive system of national government, the origins of which are lost 
in antiquity, it is feasible that other formal categorizations are more 
appropriate.  Perhaps those engaging in Canadian politics are not 
necessarily politicians.  Perhaps, for example, this woman might serve 
as a wholly apolitical appointee to the Royal House--in some office like 
the Royal Hereditary Grand Diaperer, or the King's Royal Food Taster.

I can well imagine such a possibility.

Mij Ebaboc

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