> Canadian politician calls President Bush a moron.

> It wasn't a politician, it was an aide,

Huh? That's like saying, "It wasn't an animal, it was a housefly." Of 
course she is a politician. Do you mean that she is not an elected 
official? That much is clear, but really doesn't impact Jim's point.

> and it was in a private conversation at a social event,

All the more reason to keep one's mouth shut instead of spewing such 
bile. How humiliating for her, and deservedly so.

> *No politician* said this -- Ducros hasn't been elected to
> anything, she's just Chrétien's communications director.

I don't think "politician" and "elected official" are necessarily 
synonymous, which is apparently your understanding. So you think that 
Colin Powell is not a politician? George Stephanopolous was not a 
politician? I disagree.


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