Jim Cobabe wrote:

> Canadian politician calls President Bush a moron.

It wasn't a politician, it was an aide, and it was in a private conversation at a 
social event, which was overhead by another reporter -- and it was the 2nd
reporter who reported on it. Jason Kenney is simply using this issue as a way of 
promoting his own party, and as his party is the official opposition, he's just
doing his job. But it's a tempest in a teapot. *No politician* said this -- Ducros 
hasn't been elected to anything, she's just Chrétien's communications

> Chrétien's decision to keep Ducros quickly came under fire back in
> Ottawa.
> "He should have accepted her resignation, perhaps with regret, perhaps
> understanding that people make mistakes," Canadian Alliance MP Jason
> Kenney said. "Senior officials should be held accountable for those
> mistakes."
> Kenney suggested Ducros' remarks reflect a pattern in the Chrétien
> government, "a consistent attitude of anti-Americanism which has hurt
> our relationship on softwood lumber, on agriculture ... It doesn't help
> us in getting access to the decision-makers in the White House and in
> Washington."
> Conservative Leader Joe Clark said Chrétien should have accepted the
> resignation. "Ms. Ducros has done the honourable thing; so should the
> prime minister."
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