John, our BLT said (but without so many sideways carrots as appear in 
this reply - but that's because I can't get Zion to appear in my e-mail 
box and have to use this clunky reply system on Topica.  Rant, rave.  Oh 
- where was I?):

> > I agree that many members of the Church are not true Christians, but I
> > disagree that there are true Christians outside the Church. 

Chet sez:  This is something I have always had a problem with.  I know 
many good and wonderful people who profess to be Christians who are not 
LDS (such as my parents).  And I wonder (and I ask them) how can one 
love Christ and reject some of his scriptures?  Rarely do I get any kind 
of an answer, and when I do it's the evasive "the Mormon Bible isn't 
scripture" nonsense.  I call it evasive because the people stating so 
haven't read the Book of Mormon and don't intend to.

Thank goodness I'm not the final judge.  I'd never figure out how to get 
through this problem.

"Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you 
are doing the impossible."

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