I honestly don't know. I believe baptism is required -- this is what we are
taught. But I don't claim to know all of God's ways, just that He is just and He
is merciful. Whatever that might end up meaning. I'm also reminded not to be too
judgemental by the parable of the labourers  who were hired at the 11th hour. God
judges their "labour", not us.

Gary Smith wrote:

> I recall Joseph Smith having a vision (could it be in DC 137?), where he
> sees his non-baptized brother Alvin in the Celestial Kingdom. Alvin is
> obviously considered a 'true Christian' even though he has not yet been
> baptized.
> I would imagine that this largesse by Christ would be given to others,
> such as Marc's grandmother, if they are living great lives as well.
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