After much pondering, Stacy Smith favored us with:
If we only go by that definition, then those living up to the only light they know and following Christ all the way to the best of their ability cannot be considered Christians. I think I'd have a problem with that. Can they go to the celestial kingdom? Maybe, in some cases. Can they progress to the highest level? No.
According to the official doctrines of the Church, no one will inherit the Celestial Kingdom without an authorized baptism which may be performed by proxy for the dead for those who did not have a chance to be baptized in mortality. The rest of us must be properly baptized here. Baptism is not merely desirable. It is essential for those who seek the Celestial Kingdom. There will be no one in the Celestial Kingdom except baptized members of the Church, and only some of them.

"A liberal in the Church is merely one who does not have
a testimony." --President Harold B. Lee
All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR

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