George Cobabe wrote:

> Marc - it seems the question is not he definition of natural law, except as
> it involves who created that law.
> The question is:  Did God, i.e. our God, create the natural law for his
> creation or did He just transpose it from the overall eternal concept of
> Natural Law.
> Is every universe, form every God - the same or can they vary?
> I, of course, do not know the answer but I believe that the law of our
> universe was created by our Father.

I agree. In this sense I take the term "natural law" to mean a telestial law, a
law of "corruptness" as Paul would say.

> This does not mean that He did not progress from a universe that had the
> same, nor different, natural laws.

And that's the second way to use the term, the way I think John and I are, as
another way of saying there's no such thing as "magic".

> When we are told that God created all in the universe - I believe it.

Then the discussion might be more profitable if we separated our existing universe
from....well, whatever it is that transcends it.

Marc A. Schindler
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