You are probably wrong.

War is not imminent because we are not ready.  We will be in about one

Also, I believe that the statements Bush makes are directed at Saddam
primarily, and not at the US populace.  I also believe that the US is trying
very hard to get a rebellion going in Iraq, although I personally hold out
little hope of that happening.

I do not believe that there will be any backing down.  IMNSHO, Bush honestly
believes that Saddam is a major threat to not only the US, bat also to
Canada (:-) and the rest of our allies.  Saddam will go.

And as hard as it is to imagine, I guess I, too, could be wrong.


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I can't say "I told you so" yet but Bush has announced today that
despite the omissions in the report on WMD delivered by Iraq to the UN
(and only today being given to the non-permanent members of the Security
Council, incidentally), war is not imminent.

I've been of the opinion since this issue arose that there won't be a
war in Iraq, that the situation is at least as much about domestic US
politics as it is with anything actually going on in Iraq and that we'd
see a gradual backing down once the mid-term elections were past. I
could be wrong -- I guess we'll see.

Marc A. Schindler
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