This is perhaps a small correction, and I would assume this is what you
meant:  I am in support of a war against *Saddam*, hopefully with the
support of the Iraqi people.  I am grateful to our leaders for the use of
"smart" weapons, which will minimize the number of innocent deaths.  But for
those who want us to stay home because of the inevitable innocent deaths,
on you hands will be the deaths of tens of thousands of innocents joining in
with the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis Saddam has already killed.


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> >Saddam will go.
> >
> >And as hard as it is to imagine, I guess I, too, could be wrong.
> You're not wrong this time. His days are numbered and the writing is on
> the wall. I'm in favor of a war with Iraq based on what I know about the
> situation.
> Paul O
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