Jon Spencer wrote:

> You are probably wrong.
> War is not imminent because we are not ready.  We will be in about one
> month.

So why did two complete naval battle groups start sailing *out of* the Middle East
earlier this week? Actually, this is an area where my "prognostication" has a weak
point, because you're right in principle; the war could be delayed until the US
feels it's ready. Any prognostication is at best an educated guess, and if I'm
wrong, well, it won't be the first time I've had to eat lumpy porridge ;-)

> Also, I believe that the statements Bush makes are directed at Saddam
> primarily, and not at the US populace.  I also believe that the US is trying
> very hard to get a rebellion going in Iraq, although I personally hold out
> little hope of that happening.

Why? Saddam isn't on Florida's voter list, is he? </snidely-whiplashism>

> I do not believe that there will be any backing down.  IMNSHO, Bush honestly
> believes that Saddam is a major threat to not only the US, bat also to
> Canada (:-) and the rest of our allies.  Saddam will go.
> And as hard as it is to imagine, I guess I, too, could be wrong.
> Jon

At least we're both covering our cyber-rear ends, so to speak...

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