We do bear the responsibility of any inaction we support when we could have
acted with a reasonable expectation of success.  This sentence begs a long
discussion about such things as "success" but that is not something I have
time to go into right now.  perhaps when I return from our descent into
Linville Gorge.  However, I can respect the position of others who feel
differently for some rather valid reasons (don't stick your nose into
another's problems, etc.).  I simply think that those positions lead to a
world that is not as good as it might otherwise be.

Your statements concerning Pakistan do not stand up to examination.
Somehow, I haven't seen the current leader of Pakistan gas 150,000 of their
people.  I haven't seen Pakistan attack their neighbor, raping and pillaging
as they go. Etc.


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Subject: Re: [ZION] Iraq

Why? Since when do those who prefer peace bear responsibility for others'
Do we also bear the responsibility for the thousands of people who have died
Kashmir simply because they were trying to exercise their right to a free
vote in
a democracy (India) from the hands of those who would take this away from
(Islamist groups based in Pakistan)?

Again I ask (and keep in mind it's a rhetorical question -- I'm not
suggesting we
invade Pakistan), since every reason the US and the UK have given for the
necessity of armed conflict with Iraq applies in spades to Pakistan, why
aren't we
talking about the invasion of Pakistan?

Are we also to be held responsible for the deaths in China due to the
record of the communist government there over the past half century?

Jon Spencer wrote:

> This is perhaps a small correction, and I would assume this is what you
> meant:  I am in support of a war against *Saddam*, hopefully with the
> support of the Iraqi people.  I am grateful to our leaders for the use of
> "smart" weapons, which will minimize the number of innocent deaths.  But
> those who want us to stay home because of the inevitable innocent deaths,
> on you hands will be the deaths of tens of thousands of innocents joining
> with the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis Saddam has already
> Jon
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> From: "Paul Osborne" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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> Subject: Re: [ZION] Iraq
> > >Saddam will go.
> > >
> > >And as hard as it is to imagine, I guess I, too, could be wrong.
> >
> >
> > You're not wrong this time. His days are numbered and the writing is on
> > the wall. I'm in favor of a war with Iraq based on what I know about the
> > situation.
> >
> > Paul O
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