Larry, here's another quote from you, this time from The Economist
(14/12/02). It's also pretty clear and unequivocal in its language. This
is from an article on p. 40, called "Lethal poker":

"This partly explains why America, controversially, arranged for the
circulating copy of the dossier [that Iraq prepared] (the other copy
stays with the UN monitoring mission) to be taken straight to Washington
rather than distributed to all 15 Security Council members. The American
authorities then copied the documents for the other four permanent
members, who agreed that the ten rotating members of the council would
receive expurgated versions."

Pretty clear: the US abrogated to itself the right to look at the
documents first, even before the other 4 permanent members of the
Security Council, let alone the full SC.

You can refuse to discuss it if you wish, but I don't see how you can
insist on being right in face of such clear facts.

Marc A. Schindler
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