Steven Montgomery:

Mars brightness by the end of August would certainly seem 
to me to qualify as a "wonder in heaven." What would give 
this idea more significance and credibility is if August 27th 
happened to be a significant date in Jewish or Mormon 


I don't know about Jewish history, but I happen to have a 
little ditty called _On This Day in the Church_, put together 
by a quartet of Y professors, which provides the following.


Mary Musselman (became the wife of Peter Whitmer Sr. 
and mother of five Book of Mormon witnesses, and was 
the only woman to be shown the Book of Mormon plates.)

Edward Partridge (first presiding bishop)

John Whitmer (one of the eight witnesses)

L. Jay Sylvester (Olympic silver medalist in 1968) as a 
world-class discus thrower)

Spencer J. Condie (a member of the First Quorum of the 

Other things that happened on this date:

The organization of the first stake in North Carolina.

Groundbreaking for the London England and the 
Taipei Taiwan Temples.

The first Church area conference (which was held in 
Manchester, England)

There is an event of stellar significance.  A star 
representing Utah was added to the United States 
flag, bringing the total number of stars on the flag to 

I think I would hold out for the hailstorm John mentioned.  
(That might have been on lds-doctrine.)

Larry Jackson

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