That is true only in a static situation.  We live in a ongoing, live world
where both happen all of the time.  If you cannot see where faith is
magnified by special happenings then you are missing a great deal.

If you would like me to change my comments to say that I beleive a miracle
is a happening that confirms faith, then OK.  But in the confirmation it
also strengths and increases faith.

It is true that faith preceeds the miracle, but it also follows and is
stronger because of it.


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> George Cobabe wrote:
> >Quite frankly I think that you finding it interesting is interesting to
> >me. What do I mean?   If this event has meaning to you then it is good.
> >believe that the best definition of a miracle is something that produces
> Miracles do not produce faith.  They occur because of faith.  At least
> is my understanding today.  --JWR
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