Free agency is an inviolable gift from Heavenly Father.  Each of us has 
absolute free agency to make choices for good or evil.

Our freedom, on the other hand, is constantly subjected to bounds and 
conditions and restrictions.  Our freedom is constrained by natural 
laws, by self-imposed restrictions, by the impositions of other 
individuals, and by society in general.

What is the effect of free agency in the absence of absolute freedom?  
What if government laws constrain my free exercise of choice?  Perhaps 
Heavenly Father will judge my decisions based on what I would have done 
had I been completely free to act.

In 2 Nephi 2:16, we read that enticement is a necessary element in our 
decision-making exercise of free agency.  What does it mean to be 
"enticed" in choosing between good and evil?  Is the test of mortal 
probation in part intended to demonstrate (to myself) which choices are 
most "enticing" or attractive to me personally?  I assume that Heavenly 
Father already knew my inclination toward good or evil choices, but that 
it was something I needed to learn for myself.

Jim Cobabe

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