No.  You and I are not in a postion to make such judgements and should not
do so.  Can you imagine telling the family of such a victim this
speculation?  You do not know the circumstances or the state of mind of such
a person and cannot understand the judgement that will be offered to them.

Comments may be found to the contrary, but the thinking and practice on this
subject has changed a great deal in the past number of years in the church.

I have a friend whose father was a successful businessman, with a lovely
family, a great contributor to charity and whose name is prominently
displayed as a major contributor to BYU.  He had the world by the tail by
any standard.  He was the Bishop of a singles ward and when released from
that calling went into a depressive period which ended when he took his

The Apostles, yes plural, which spoke at his funeral make it clear that you
should not judge him unwisely or harshly.  I would take their advice on this

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> I am now positive that if one kills himself he will end up as a telestial
> being.  Am I right on this point?
> Stacy.
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