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I am now positive that if one kills himself he will end up as a telestial being. Am I right on this point?

Absolutely not according to the CHI or to what General Authorities have said in General Conference.
At 07:04 AM 9/8/03 -0500, Stacy Smith wrote:
Okay, please provide references or explain.


I don't have the precise page numbers handy at the moment (perhaps someone else does), but the essence is that the official stance of the Church is that we are not to judge a person who has committed suicide, and that we have no specific information concerning what will happen to them in the next life.

Quoting from a personal communication concerning a (apparently non-LDS) funeral director who sought information from Church headquarters about LDS funeral customs:


Elder Packer made it clear to him that suicide is *not* held by the church to have *any* affect on the person's status, either in terms of earthly things like church records, sealing status, being buried in one's temple garments, or whatever, or--as far as we know--on one's eternal status.


-- Ronn! :)

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