Certainly, someone living in sin is not allowed to be baptized.  We were
teaching a couple who were living together and had a child together.  They
were from south of the border and there was some economic reason they had
not married.  Once they married, they were allowed to be baptized (the very
next day).

I think that John is exactly right on this point.  But I think that much of
the bible is often taken out of context, or perhaps the context has been
removed.  I had a friend who was actively gay (and one sadly dies from
AIDS).  He certainly qualified as a fornicator.  I was his straight friend.
Even though I was not a member of the Church (nor of any church), it was not
wrong then and I do not believe that it would be wrong now.  I was a
positive influence in his life, and he was not a negative one in mine.

I believe that these things need to be dealt with on a case by case basis.
Someone who is actively engaged in sin and is promoting sin is someone that
I would actively avoid.  Perhaps that is what Paul meant by the term
"fornicators."  One way to find out is to ask in prayer.  That'll beat my
answer seven ways from Sunday!


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> Rick Mathis wrote:
> >What did Jesus do?  Did he refuse to associate with sinners?  According
> >what we have in the New Testament, Paul definitely had his own set of
> >issues, including bragging about correcting the President of the Church
> >that time.  He was a product of his culture and training.
> Paul was specifically speaking of Church members or "a man that is called
> brother."  Jesus Christ did not associate with fornicators in the Church,
> nor did he ever suggest that unrepentant fornicators should be brought
> the Church.  Obviously a missionary has to associate with sinners in order
> to do missionary work.  But only those who have faith unto repentance are
> invited into the Church through baptism.  That does not mean that we are
> fellowship unrepentant fornicators in the Church.  In fact, unrepentant
> fornicators in the Church are to be excommunicated, and generally they
> Our prophets teach that sexual sin is second only to murder.  Do faithful
> Church members associate with drug pushers or cocaine addicts?  Do we hang
> out in bars?  I don't think so.  Then why should we associate with
> unrepentant fornicators in the Church?
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