I can very well understand tests of belief in local priesthood leaders. Saying that, I'm still careful to realize these people are human. I think a higher authority should be called on now such as a seventy to straighten this out if the locals won't do anything.


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Okay...somewhat along these lines, I've got one for you.  A friend of mine
was married in the temple about 13 years ago.  They didn't have a smooth
road (whoever does?), and they were in and out of counseling (LDS Soc.
Serv.) but while she was pregnant with their 6th child, she realized that
he was drinking to excess (he'd been inactive for a while) and they
separated before that baby was born.  Their divorce proceedings took a long
time because they'd had a business in their names and that complicated
things.  During the divorce, she was very careful to not even appear as if
she were dating.  He, however, decided that it would be alright to not only
find a girlfriend, but to use money that was to have gone for court-ordered
child support to buy this floozy a ring and then shack up with her.  And
this was before the divorce was final! And while the bishop was aware of
the situation, no disciplinary action was taken.  It seems to me that he
was not only an unrepentant fornicator but an unrepentant adulterer, as
well.  So, the divorce was final about a year ago and he continued to live
with this floozy until February, when they finally got married.  Before
they married, he decided to go back to church and he was welcomed back with
open arms (and at that point, he was shacking up still) and then after they
were married, he was allowed to baptize the new wife.  He still is not very
faithful about paying child support, and she's having to work two jobs to
make ends meet.  It just blows my mind that no church discipline was
undertaken in this case!  The ex-wife, my friend, is understandably having
a very difficult time with this and her faith in her priesthood leaders has
been seriously shaken.  I'm trying to help her see that this may be a test
for her to see how she will react, but at the same time, I can understand
why she's having such a hard time with this.  Any suggestions as to how to
help her?

Heidi the fair

> [Original Message] > From: John W. Redelfs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> > To: <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> > Date: 9/8/2003 11:49:10 AM > Subject: Re: [ZION] Confusion in Gospel Doctrine Class > > Rick Mathis wrote: > >What did Jesus do? Did he refuse to associate with sinners? According to > >what we have in the New Testament, Paul definitely had his own set of > >issues, including bragging about correcting the President of the Church at > >that time. He was a product of his culture and training. > > Paul was specifically speaking of Church members or "a man that is called a > brother." Jesus Christ did not associate with fornicators in the Church, > nor did he ever suggest that unrepentant fornicators should be brought into > the Church. Obviously a missionary has to associate with sinners in order > to do missionary work. But only those who have faith unto repentance are > invited into the Church through baptism. That does not mean that we are to > fellowship unrepentant fornicators in the Church. In fact, unrepentant > fornicators in the Church are to be excommunicated, and generally they are. > > Our prophets teach that sexual sin is second only to murder. Do faithful > Church members associate with drug pushers or cocaine addicts? Do we hang > out in bars? I don't think so. Then why should we associate with > unrepentant fornicators in the Church? > > > John W. Redelfs [EMAIL PROTECTED] > =========================================== > "There is no place in this work for those who believe only > in the gospel of doom and gloom. The gospel is good > news. It is a message of triumph." --Gordon B. Hinckley > =========================================== > All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR > > //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // > /// ZION LIST CHARTER: Please read it at /// > /// http://www.zionsbest.com/charter.html /// > //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / >

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