Val wrote:
So it depends on which prophetic counsel you are referencing.

In my view, prophetic counsel is consistent in letter and spirit from 
one day to the next, through all ages of time.

If I see conflicts in the pronouncements from one prophet to another, I 
must assume that there is a fault in my interpretation.  I will not 
entertain the suggestion that counsel from President Benson is somehow 
"trumped" by statements from President Hinckley.

One aspect of this issue is the manner of delivery of certain messages 
that differs significantly from one man to another.  President Benson 
was blunt and aggressive in his directives.  President Hinckley is often 
soft-spoken and indirect.  He tends to be more sensitive about public 
perception.  Notwithstanding, I saw no quotes indicating that President 
Hinckley has at any time rescinded the "archaic" counsel that mothers 
should not work.

I have long pondered the postscript trailing the Proclamation on the 
Family.  My suspicion is that many people will skip over the body of the 
message to this last bit of the message and focus all their attention on 
it.  "See, my circumstances are special, so I will just write my own 

I am not offering the least criticism to women who work out of 
necessity.  Of course families without fathers have different 
circumstances and needs.  The gospel is not a cruel taskmaster that 
burdens widows with unreasonable demands, is it?

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