Paul Osborne wrote:

I'm just expressing my view when white collar men grumble out of their lips against the woes of blue collar men and how they can supposedly fix their low income problems. The fact is, many white collar men are ignorant and lack real experience when it comes to blue collar money woes as they sit in the ivory tower of plenty.

Grampa Bill comments:
I think part of our problem in coming to a consensus is that we are tending toward dividing all jobs into white collar or blue collar without acknowledging that there are broad gradations within each. For several years I refused to accept a twenty percent pay raise and be put into a salaried slot. Fact is, I was making better than thirty percent above base in my "blue collar" when my OT was calculated in. The "white collar" position would have amounted to a pay cut.
The military comes to mind. They make a broad distinction between the "blue collar" enlisted men and the "white collar" officers. Yet a twenty year Command Sergeant Major certainly makes more money and probably has more prestige than a shave-tail Second Lieutenant fresh out of OCS.
I believe we err when we paint the picture with too broad a brush. Both the white collar and the blue collar positions contain men who are put upon and treated unfairly, and both have men who are not worth a fourth what they are actually compensated.
Love y'all,
Grampa Bill in Savannah

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