Bob Taylor wrote:
the two churches are still here, but I think you are mistaken in stating
that the LDS position has changed. we still hold to the same doctrine that
we always have taught. President Hinckley, from the start has encouraged
all of us, and led out by example, to befriend those not of our faith in as
many ways as possible.  I think that what President Hinckley is trying to
demonstrate to us is that it is possible to adhere to your own doctrine,
and still be helpful and friendly to those not of our faith.

I have mixed feelings about befriending other churches. It seems to me that we should befriend individuals and not false churches. After all, false churches teach false doctrine and in doing so they fight against the truth. If false churches aren't the church of the devil, what is? Maybe nothing is, do you think?

"There is no place in this work for those who believe only
in the gospel of doom and gloom. The gospel is good
news. It is a message of triumph." --Gordon B. Hinckley
All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR

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