John W. Redelfs wrote:
> I have mixed feelings about befriending other churches.  It seems to me
> that we should befriend individuals and not false churches.  After all,
> false churches teach false doctrine and in doing so they fight against the
> truth.  If false churches aren't the church of the devil, what is?  Maybe
> nothing is, do you think?

But John, EVERY CHURCH is a false church other than the Lords (this one).
And, frankly, given some of the lessons I have heard, ours is sometimes a
false church!

It's hard not to love someone who loves the Lord, even if they don't have it
all quite right.  It's hard not to be grateful to someone who thinks enough
of you to try to "save" you, even though they can't.

Working with others to do good works is not a bad thing.  We have prophets
today to help us sort these kinds of issues out.  If the prophet says it is
OK, then it is OK with me.  It's not that the prophet is right in all
things; after all, he is just a man.  However, in this area, I think that he
listens to the counsel of the Lord.


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