Well, John, I would agree with you there.  Bashing is not in the Christlike
action list of things to do.  I am commanded to love the bashers, but I
certainly don't have to either like them or tolerate being around them.

But I was referring to those who try, out of love, to help me be "saved."
My response of gratitude will go a lot further towards helping them
understand the true gospel than my shunning then.  In my highly Baptist
community, our Church has gained a fairly good reputation after decades of
good works, many of those works done in concert with those of other faiths.

So I try to separate the wheat from the chafe.


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> Jon Spencer wrote:
> >It's hard not to love someone who loves the Lord, even if they don't have
> >all quite right.  It's hard not to be grateful to someone who thinks
> >of you to try to "save" you, even though they can't.
> Changing the subject, how is it that when an anti-Mormon bashes me for
> being a member of the Church, and claims that he is doing it out of love
> for me, I don't believe him?  Love isn't just something claimed, it must
> felt by the object of that love.  And I don't feel love from these
> "activists" from other denominations. --JWR
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