I have no problem with what you have said, I think that I can agree with it

As I said the question was quite different.


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> At 08:20 AM 11/7/2003 -0700, St George wrote:
> >That's fine, Till.  However I do not think you know the question in mind.
> >
> >You see, I find Sec 132 more that supportative and I believe it to be
> >as well.  It is the scriptures, including 132, that I find supportive.
> With all due respect, my friend, I was referring specifically to the part
> where it says, with regards to those who have celestial marriage AND have
> been sealed by the holy spirit of promise, "then shall they be gods", as
> opposed to those who have not.  Of them. IIRC, it is said, "and that shall
> be the end of their glory" or some such.  Are we just talking past each
> other on semantics?  I take exaltation et al to mean the former of these
> two scenarios.  Elsewhere in the scriptures I recall reading that
> is defined as having one's progression ended.  Certainly, I would concede,
> that to be a servant in the house of the most high would be far better
> being a prince in a lesser kingdom, but still, it IS a cessation of
> progression.
> Till, who has said his piece
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