At 08:20 AM 11/7/2003 -0700, St George wrote:
That's fine, Till. However I do not think you know the question in mind.

You see, I find Sec 132 more that supportative and I believe it to be true
as well.  It is the scriptures, including 132, that I find supportive.

With all due respect, my friend, I was referring specifically to the part where it says, with regards to those who have celestial marriage AND have been sealed by the holy spirit of promise, "then shall they be gods", as opposed to those who have not. Of them. IIRC, it is said, "and that shall be the end of their glory" or some such. Are we just talking past each other on semantics? I take exaltation et al to mean the former of these two scenarios. Elsewhere in the scriptures I recall reading that damnation is defined as having one's progression ended. Certainly, I would concede, that to be a servant in the house of the most high would be far better than being a prince in a lesser kingdom, but still, it IS a cessation of progression.

Till, who has said his piece

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