Steven Montgomery wrote:
Well, the other day I traded it for an almost brand new EZ3-Trike (A 21 speed recumbent trike which can go faster than a mountain bike. My kids can't ride a regular bike so we were looking for various types of trikes that they could ride) worth $750.00. Which means that after using the pickup for more than eight years we sold it for only $50.00 less than we what we bought it for. How's that for thrift? Anyone else have similar "thrift" stories to tell?

In 1975 I bought a 1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass for a hundred dollars. Fours years and 40,000 miles later I sold it for 30 dollars to a junk man. During that 4 years I did all the work on it myself. The only time I ever took it to a mechanic was for a smog inspection certificate. --JWR

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