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The only time I got "stuck" with my Jeep was when I high centered it near Steinaker Reservoir, north of Vernal. It was on a narrow steep ridge-line that sloped off both ways and also sloped off front and back. I couldn't winch it, had absolutely no traction on any wheels, and couldn't budge it myself. I ended up paying a tow truck $50. All he had to do was put out a long line and then pull me about 3 feet, just enough to get me going again.

That's when bumper jacks shine. Just jack one end up as far as you can get it, then give it a shove to tip it over (if the cuss-ed thing hasn't tipped over already). Repeat until clear. Once turned a car completely around like that in a narrow cut driveway up to my wazoo in snow. Or, in this instance, you could possibly have put rocks under the wheels one at a time as you got them airborn. Sort of built up enough cairn to "float" it free.

Till the been there done that

I agree. I still have several Handyman jacks. But, in the particular "bind" I was in, since I was at the pinnacle of a very narrow steep ridge, I didn't have anyplace to put the jack, it wouldn't "hold" no matter where I put it or tried to brace it, so--I broke down and paid $50.00 to have a tow truck nudge me just enough to get me off.

Steven Montgomery

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