I remember running around in a jeep.  Not mine, but it sure was fun to run
across the desert out from El Paso.  The Jeep I rode around in was a WWII
Jeep manufactured by Ford, and had a small block Ford dropped into it.  The
problem was the driver, a friend of JWR & me would twist off axels and I
spent more than one night out in the desert  fiddling with a broken Jeep.

        The Jeep went to summer camp where I was also a counselor.  It was a camp
to learn about handling horses and one of the horses died.  The one ton
pickup couldn't pull the dead horse out of the way on the trail, but that
little Jeep winched it a little then was able to just take off with it.  It
had incredible power.

Pax et Bonum,

John A.E., n/OEF

Life is a romantic business. It is painting a picture, not doing
a sum -- but  you have to make the romance, and it will come to the
question how much fire you have in your belly. -- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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> > > Yes, yes, Till once had a bugeye Austin Healy Sprite*.
> Absolute fun to
> > > drive.  The only drawbacks were the long gap between 2nd and
> 3rd gear, and
> > > the absence of side windows (had curtains) when it was cold.
> Sure miss
> > > that little blue Frog!
> >
> >I had a 1953 Healy 100.  It was a "sports car" of sorts, but it had a 4
> >banger 2800 cc engine and transmission out of a tractor.  You
> could climb up
> >the side of a building in first gear, maxing out at 4 MPH.
> I bet it couldn't beat my 1953 Willey's Jeep 4 banger I used to own. Once
> in 4-Wheel Drive, I could idle my way up steep hillsides. That
> old Jeep was
> great fun.
> --
> Steven Montgomery
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