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> Last winter I decided to take the Beecroft challenge and see what really
> was in Pride and Prejudice, since there was a hole in my late 18th/early
> 19th century British literature experience anyway.  The first
> read left me
> a bit lost and still wondering.  So I read it again and began to find the
> treasures.  Realizing that it was satire really helped, I stopped being
> offended by the seriousness of some of the absurdities.  I have
> since read
> most of her other novels and re-read P/P at least twice more and
> find them
> quite intriguing.  Her style has to grow on you, I guess.  I really like
> the BBC production of P/P also.  The character portrayals are excellent.

Till, you must have had a premonition that I am also a Jane Austen fan,
although initially (way back in high school) I recoiled at her work because
it seemed too "girlie."   After several failed attempts to hooked on P&P,
two good friends (both female) persauded me to give "Persuasion" a go...and
I've been an Austen fan ever since. Ironically, at this very moment our
family (all females but me) is plowing through the JA movies and books.


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