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>At 05:24 PM 3/22/2004, Ron Scott wrote in response to
>Jim Cobabe:
>> >Equal protection is already afforded in our laws, for
>> >legitimate and
>> >traditional marriage.  Nothing in the constitution
>> >envisions the
>> >degraded definition of "marriage" that encompasses any
>> >particular union
>> >of convenience, affection, devotion, or animal
>> >attraction. <
>>It seems that some equally thoughtful judges in
>Massachusetts and
>>elsewhere disagree with you.  By proposing the constitutional
>>amendment, the proposers themselves and supporters
>indicate that
>>they too don't agree with you.
>Obviously these "thoughtful judges" are simply
>wrong--in light of the
>Church's teachings on this subject, as well documented by Jim.

Must I point out to you, of all people, that church teachings are
not part of the U.S. Constitution, which is the guide that judges
have pledged to support and uphold. It's quite obvious that the
those who support the amendment also believe that the U.S.
Constitution does not give judges sufficient guidance on the
matter. Otherwise, an amendment would not be necessary.


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