Ron Scott wrote:
Thus sayeth the self-appointed Judge in Israel.

Actually, in the church our judges are appointed by inspiration from 
God.  They are not self-appointed nor is their administration a form of 
political spoils for the party in power.  Just in case you did not 
realize this.

By the way, who's pushing for "gay rights" here?  I've seen a few here 
calling for "equal treatment under the law" for all, which is something 
guaranteed by our divinely inspired constitution.

Our US constitution is designed to promote a common level of morality.  
It was not intended to protect evil behavior, nor to shelter those who 
advocate such behavior.  As far as it serves those evil purposes today, 
it has become an instrument as twisted and evil in intent as the wicked 
minds of those who so pervert the moral basis for our laws.

Equal protection is already afforded in our laws, for legitimate and 
traditional marriage.  Nothing in the constitution envisions the 
degraded definition of "marriage" that encompasses any particular union 
of convenience, affection, devotion, or animal attraction.  There exists 
a very pragmatic and functional rationale for promoting traditional 
marriage in the body of law.  Attempting to expand the definition of 
marriage to include perverted sexual behavior threatens the benefit we 
incur from that rational basis.  And of course, it plainly proposes to 
lend legitimacy to immorality, which contradicts the very purpose of all 

No amount of sophistry can cancel the clear message our church leaders 
have delivered on this matter.  They are consistent and unanimous in 
raising the level of concern regarding the threat to our society.

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