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>Now what the Lord says to us personally and through the
>scriptures is clear and unmistakable, but part of that is
>because of the witness of the Holy Ghost, and part of that
>is because some of our scriptures are unique to us.  Where
>things become more problematic is within society itself,
>because 1) apart from the Restored Gospel, there's no
>witness of the Holy Ghost (only the light of Christ, if
>at all); 2) there are no common scriptures--no one
>even agrees on the translation of the Bible that should be
>used; and therefore, 3) There doesn't seem to be a common
>consensus as to what ought to be the basic principles this
>society should operate under.  Or the "core values," as I
>told Ron a while ago.  And yet one of the basic principles
>America was founded on involves the freedom of society to
>worship how and where it may, which by necessity seems to
>place all religious beliefs, all scriptures, and all
>concepts of right and wrong on the same playing field...
>regardless of what sort of a testimony we may have
>regarding them.
>Or to be plain about it:  How do we allow for people to
>believe and worship where and how they may without also
>accepting or tolerating evil...?<

Well put, Sandy.  To me -- others will surely differ -- the
divinely-inspired U.S. Constitution is the guide for how we
should deal with such matters.  In asserting that the
Constitution is divinely inspired, God suggests that that
equality, rule of law, and freedom to worship and choose right
from wrong are paramount.  The Constitution does not -- need
not -- endorse evil doing per se, but it should continue to give
us the right to choose for ourselves and, within reason, make
"shades of gray" assessments as society correctly or incorrectly
(ultimately) deems appropriate. If God intended that we should be
compelled to behave ourselves, a different cast of characters
would have emerged victorious in the pre-existence.

>I actually agree with you as to what you wrote.  It's how
>we apply these things to society as a whole that's part of
>what I'm wrestling with.
I think God intends us to wrestle a lot. It seems define what
this life is all about.


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