So, in effect, you are not opposing anything. You are simply giving up 
on the fight against moral crimes against society. 

On the same note then, why do we not have the state get out of managing 
crimes altogether. Let it all be resolved in the civilian courts. 
Someone murdered? Why have prisons, when we can just have the family sue 
the person!  Or, perhaps the family will thank the murderer for doing in 
a crummy member of the family!

President Hinckley wrote a book a few years ago entitled, "Standing for 
Something."  If taking a stance means we raise the white flag, then we 
may as well just condemn all the world to despair and sin.

Gary Smith

Ron Scott wrote:
> >
> >Tell us more about your "methods for opposing" same-sex
> >marriage.  --JWR<
> I have done this before. I support the proposition that the state
> should get out of sanctioning marriages altogether and should,
> therefore ( as I noted in an earlier post today) draft
> legislation that carefully and consistently defines partnerships
> it will designate as bonafide domestic partnerships. Churches may
> choose (or not) to bless such partnerships as "marriages."  I
> also think considerable effort must be spent determining how such
> changes affect free speech in public settings and how they will
> be represented/taught  in primary and secondary public schools.
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Gerald (Gary) Smith

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