So are you or are you not saying that bestiality is okay? If the state 
gets out of the marriage business and some strange religion chooses to 
marry off its virgins to animals, is that then something that should be 
lawful, simply because the government isn't into marriage issues?

I see an extremely slippery slope for society to slide down if it 
doesn't have some controls.

While I don't necessarily want the federal government to make laws on 
marriage, I do want the states to be able to control their own destiny. 
If Massachusetts wants gay marriage, that is up to Mass. But it 
shouldn't force itself upon any other state that refuses it.

Gary Smith

Ron Scott wrote:
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> >From: John W. Redelfs [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> >Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2004 2:29 PM
> >Subject: RE: [ZION] Worth reiterating...
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> >RB Scott wrote:
> >>I do not support extramarital sex of
> >>any kind.
> >
> >What about sex within marriage if marriage is redefined
> >to permit a man to
> >marry his German Shepherd or his boy friend?  --JWR
> Don't ask absurd questions unless you want absurd answers.  I've
> clearly stated that I am opposed to the state defining marriage,
> which I regard as a religious covenant.  It seems to me that we
> have long acknowledged that what is permissible under the laws of
> the land may not be permissible in God's eyes.

Gerald (Gary) Smith

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