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>RB Scott wrote:
>> >Tell us more about your "methods for opposing" same-sex
>> >marriage.  --JWR<
>>I have done this before. I support the proposition
>that the state
>>should get out of sanctioning marriages altogether and should,
>>therefore ( as I noted in an earlier post today) draft
>>legislation that carefully and consistently defines
>>it will designate as bonafide domestic partnerships.
>Churches may
>>choose (or not) to bless such partnerships as "marriages."  I
>>also think considerable effort must be spent
>determining how such
>>changes affect free speech in public settings and how they will
>>be represented/taught  in primary and secondary public

>So do you really think this will "oppose" same-sex
>marriage?  I don't see
>how it will stop them from becoming common place.  --JWR<

1. Do you see the constitutional amendment, as now drafted, as an
effective deterrant to "same sex marriage?"

2.  If so, my concept is better because it reserves "marriage"
blessings for the church.

3.  If you're concerned about same sex cohabitation, neither plan
forbids it. As a matter of fact, it is perfectly legal, as is
heterosexual cohabitation, even though both are equivalent sins
in the eyes of God.

I do not see how the "amendment" as drafted will effectively
prevent same-sex partnerships.  Do you?  And, if the proposed
amendment loses, as I expect it will, we will likely have same
sex **marriage** everywhere. There will be little room for
negotiation, compromise, or local options. Nor will we be able to
define how it will be presented in the schools (especially). The
opportunity for a "shades of gray" solution will exist for a
while yet (perhaps), thereafter the outcome will either be black
or white.


P.S.  I've expressed my opinion to several state and Federal
elected officials, Republicans and Democrats.

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