On 7/12/05, Jens Vagelpohl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 12 Jul 2005, at 13:17, Victor Safronovich wrote:
> > previous Zope version, which I used, was 2.6.1, but it was very old
> > version and
> > I  decided to jump to 2.8.0. I took problems with autorefresh. What
> > can I do to solve
> > my problems?
> If it creates problems then simply don't use it.

That's not a very good answer. 

The refresh functionality has been unstable since it became a part of
Zope core, and I have ended up not using it since it since then (So
that's what? Since Zope 2.3 or something). I've tried from time to
time, but I always end up going back to just restarting Zope every
time I make a code change, because refreshing and trying, and often
(but not always) getting incomprehensible errors and then restarting
Zope, is just much slower that simply restarting Zope every time.

That however, is a serious slowdown in the Zope development process,
and I would be very happy if this could be made to work stably. But
instead of getting better, it seems to deteriorate...

I'm all for makeing a serious effort one day to fix this. But I have
tried before, and I am way out of depth. Any suggestions of how to
solve this problem? Or should be just give up, and mark it as
deprecated in 2.8.1, so that people stop thinking it's actually
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