Chris McDonough wrote:
Refresh was never much of a timesaver for me.  Pressing "ctrl-C - up
arrow - return" on the console from which I run Zope is my answer.  I
know lots of people say that this is too slow, but on my most recent
project from the time I type "runzope" to the time I see "ready to
handle requests" is

real    0m3.029s
user    0m1.857s
sys     0m0.306s

... and I can live with that.

Indeed, this is where we should focus. It gives you a totally clean slate each time, and I've been convinced by too much pain and suffering over the last 5 or so years, that a clean slate is a very very good thing.

If restarting a Zope client running of a storage server takes more than one or two seconds on "normal" hardware, I reckon we should focus on speeding that up rather than battling with the refresh stuff...



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