Jeremy Hylton wrote:
On 10/25/05, Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Dieter Maurer wrote:

  def p64(v):
      """Pack an integer or long into a 8-byte string"""

Yes, but for that to be meaningful, you have to know that:

- 0xSomething is an integer or long (it read "hex number" in my head"

- oids are 8-byte strings

Neither of things that sit in my brain :-(

But, you knew all this. Otherwise, you would not have been
able to implement the "oid_[un]repr" functions.

I didn't implement oid_repr. I traced the code to find that was
generating the conflict error. I think worked back from that to end up
with oid_unrepr. The first time I became aware of "p64" was when you
mentioned it...

Perhaps the content of that message just confirms your overall
argument, but you were definitely aware of p64 in the past.  If these
things don't sit in your brain, then it's probably best just to have
reasonable documentation somewhere -- say a Wiki page that explains
the trinity of oid, timestamp, and transaction id and tells you how to
read and write them.

While I like wikis for lots of things, in general, I prefer programmer
documentatoon to be managed with the code.


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