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On 1/10/06, Andreas Jung <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
This decision was made for Zope 2.8 (according to zLOG/__init__.py).

How do you mean? As far as I can see, all the levels are still there in
zLOG py. The question now is weather two of these levels should be
removed, as I understand it because you don't understand why other people
use them.

I find that logic difficult to understand.

 This module exists only for backward compatibility.  Any new code
 for Zope 2.8 and newer should use the logging module from Python's
 standard library directly.  zLOG is only an API shim to map existing
 use of zLOG onto the standard logging API.

I don't read anything about using old log levels for new code. I read this as: use the Python logging module and if you need something special then implement it on your own. That's my interpretation.

Independent of the different interpretations: what is your suggestion?
Leave the zLOG in place? Leave something else in place? Do we need common
Zope logger architecture? Do we need one for Zope 2 and Zope 3? I still not getting the point why you can't use the logging module and extend if needed
inside your application or module?


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