Andreas Jung wrote:
> To bring this discussion to an end:
> - if we need specific logging functionaliy then it should be implemented
>   to be shared between Zope 2 and Zope 3
> - adjusting the current code base from 'logging' to zope.logging would
> mean just to replace the imports (assuming we keep getLogger() factory)....
> I am not totally against something like zope.logging but I still don't
> see the real need. We have some months until Zope 2.10 to get this in
> the right way.

Not requiring a new zope logging module (and using the builtin python
logging module) helps keep the bar lower for python developers entering
zope devleopment.  Having to learn new standard log levels, etc raises
that bar slightly.  My personal opinion is to not introduce more zope
packages when existing python modules are 99% sufficient.  And removing
existing zope packages (ie zLOG) when existing python modules are 99%
sufficient is a "Very Good Thing" TM.

So +1 on deprecating zLOG (and removing when possible) and not creating
a new zope logging package.

- Rocky

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