Tim Peters wrote:
[Dieter Maurer]

They did not tell us about their application. But, Zope's database
adapters work like this. They use the ZODB cache (and its pool) as an RDB
connection pool. Thus, if the ZODB caches are not released, the RDB
connections won't.

I believe you, but I'm not sure what to make of it; for example,

1. The OP is the only person who has this problem?

2. Other people have this problem too, and don't know what to do about
   it either, but never complain?

3. Other people have had this problem, but do know what to do about it?

I am one of those people of point 2 and 3.

This behaviour which I recognise of zope from years back, is still plaguing me with some apps we have. They still run zope2.6 and DCO2, so maybe some of the problems are aleviated in newer zopes, but I do recognise the problem description here.


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