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On 5 May 2006, at 02:57, David Pratt wrote:

Hi Jim and Roderigo! This is encouraging news. I have been putting much thought into this also. There is a downside to refactoring ZEO in that there are many folks heavily dependent on it and also reasonably happy with it.

IMHO there is no downside. People would be "heavily dependent" if they e.g. had programs directly interacting with ZEO internals, or subclassing ZEO components. I would bet the number of people who are in that position can be counted on two hands.

Or maybe flippers. ;)

> What everyone does is  *use*
ZEO, and maybe script it a little bit.

And the scripting is external use too.

> If the internals change  it
doesn't matter much, as long as the package as a whole fulfills the same need that the current ZEO software does.

It shouldn't matter at all, except to provide new opportunities for the


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